Chiaro wine logo and packaging

Italy is one of the word’s largest wine producers. And this Prosecco is a benchmark of Northern Italy.
The Chiaro wines are crafted by the well-respected winemaker Alessandro Botter. We created the image for some lines of his world-awarded winery.
prosecco chiaro label etiqueta

In the last years our studio had received many commitments from the wine industry. We have created logotypes, labels and packagings for a number of international beverages. Botter winery, founded in 1928 as a small business inl Veneto, can draw on traditions dating back almost a hundred years. It has passed through the careful hands of three generations for whom wine was a passion as well as a trade.

chiaro wine labelchiaro wine label
Logo, label and capsule design for Prosecco Chiaro.
chiaro wine label