Jessica Kessel social media design

Jessica Kessel: the art of shoe design

Jessica Kessel conceives a pair of shoes as wearable piece of art. Her sophisticated use of color and geometry touches women hearts reaching fans from all over the world. No need to read Freud to know that shoes are objects of devotion and fetishism. That’s why the social networks are so important for the brand. Its followers are not just customers but women that create intimate connections through their passion. This is what we have in mind when we design an Instagram image, a Facebook ad or a tailored e-mail campaign.

Instagram grid design

Jessica Kessel grid reflects the spirit of each collection. Its dynamic social networks require a permanent renewal publishing several images per day. The images we produce are both elegant and playful as her designs.

Photography and 3D: Natalia Petri and Francisco Rossi
Designing for e-commerce, store and events

We redesigned Jessica Kessel website and also created the brand digital and printed images for the store, cocktails and fashion shows.

Photography: Natasha Ygel. Set: Diego Martínez
“Das Kunstwerk gab zu wissen, was das Schuhzeug in Wahrheit ist.” 
(Ha sido la obra de arte la que nos ha hecho saberlo que es de verdad un zapato.)
Martin Heidegger