Project Description

Travel, photography & stories

Sin invierno website design
Muriel Rébora: a creative digital nomad

Photographer and Video creator Muriel Rébora launched this site upon becoming a Digital Nomad. Uncertain of what the road would bring, the site had to look crisp and solid from day 1 while allowing room for growth and transformation, precisely what travelling would bring upon.

Sin invierno website design
Building community

A couple years after the launch, she had already grown into a respected and trusted member of the international Digital Nomad and Remote Freelancing Community. She took part in the early stages of well established co-living experiences and was the organiser and co-host of Grind Camp Nicaragua 2017, encouraging hundreds of entrepreneurs and creatives to jump out of their comfort zone.

Sin invierno website design
The travel journal of a professional photographer

Her interests took her high and deep, leading her to embrace drone and underwater photography and videography along the way. The website had to be versatile enough to accommodate her prolific and broad production while offering a clean, easy to navigate look.

Sin invierno website design
An ongoing journey

As Muriel’s adventures continue to unfold, her professional career synchronises more and more with her lifestyle. This year, the European Union’s Commission for International Cooperation and Development chose her to create short documentary videos about their work. This project took it to the most remote corners of Argentina. It’s been 4 years and over 30 countries since the start of this ongoing journey.