Project Description

Trebate e-commerce

E-commerce design
Trebate Home
We designed this website as the e-commerce for a new home decor shop. Minimalistic, clean, yet warm to express the quality of materials such as the hand made pottery.
Trebate sells a well curated variety of products bringing art to your home daily life.
E-commerce design
Trebate product’s catalogue
E-commerce design

This website was built with WordPress and WooCommerce to give the client a resourceful platform that were at the same time fast to implement and reasonable priced.

Trebate website design
Trebate FAQ page
Trebate product page design
Trebate product page
Sigmund Freud complete works design
We designed the new box and the volumes containing Sigmund Freud complete works.

This is a classic and authoritative Spanish edition of the Sigmund Freud’s complete works. The translation was published since 1917 and it was reviewed and updated over the years until establishing of the definitive version. The new edition by Siglo XXI makes available for a fundamental work of the contemporary though.

Siglo XXI, based in México and Argentina, is a benchmark in the Spanish-speaker editorial market in the Social Sciences and Humanities fields. We have been creating innovative designs for their books, including best sellers as Eduardo Galeano works.
Sigmund Freud complete works design
Sigmund Freud complete works design
Sigmund Freud complete works design